Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

For reconstruction projects, the demolition of old, deteriorated concrete surfaces is only half of the task.  Demolished debris must be removed and the surface must be cleaned prior to the placement of a new concrete overlay or repair material.

Rampart provides a complete concrete removal package including hydrodemolition, water control, debris removal, water treatment.

Our powerful vacuum trucks are built to our specifications and assist in both water control and debris removal. The vacuum trucks have an integrated 10,000-psi water blaster, so the hydrodemolished surface can be water blasted and vacuumed in the same operation.

During hydrodemolition, a separate vacuum truck may be connected directly to the hydrodemolition robot so water is collected continuously as the work progresses (Dry Hydrodemolition®).

For other applications like high-speed scarification and surface cleaning, our BlasterVac, contains both the demolition/cleaning unit and vacuum equipment on the same vehicle.

Dry Hydrodemolition®

Vacuuming directly from the cutting or blasting head eliminates the need for secondary retention systems and reduces the likelihood that uncontrolled wastewater will enter traffic lanes. Very little wastewater escapes the hydrodemolition unit resulting in a process that appears to be dry.  No longer do you need to tolerate uncontrolled wastewater on the jobsite.