Production Speed & Dependability

Production Speed & Dependability

Customers and contractors worry about project uptime and successful completion of their projects.  Rampart Hydro Services understands because we’re contractors, too: production speed and dependability matter.

We stay on schedule and finish when we promise so that you can efficiently coordinate your repair or rehabilitation project.  In fact, our machines are faster than traditional impact methods, like jackhammers.  They can operate in wet conditions (imagine that) and work in weather that impede traditional removal methods.

At Rampart, we put customer service first – in ways that go beyond mere platitudes and slogans. We do it by investing in equipment, people, parts, and systems that keep your project on schedule.

Every project has a fully-equipped hydrodemolition trailer, which contains an extensive inventory of parts and supplies to operate. The hydrodemolition trailer includes the following:

•  A 1,200-gallon water tank to assist in continuous operation.

•  Four 150-gallon diesel fuel tanks.

•  A waste oil tank to store used equipment oil after on-site maintenance is completed.

•  Storage container to house all consumable parts and tools required to maintain equipment at peek performance while on a jobsite.

•  Cutting tractor is transported in the container. When removed the container is used as an enclosed workshop.

•  Aluminum canopy over trailer to allow operation in adverse conditions.

•  Generator and lights to allow operation around the clock.

Most importantly, every project is led by a highly-skilled field technician, who not only operates the hydrodemolition equipment, but also can repair and maintain it.  This is a crucial factor when operating high-performance equipment in challenging operating environments.  Our field technicians are trained on our specific equipment, and new hires are paired with senior technicians who teach them the skills needed to keep the equipment running and cutting concrete.  Again, because we believe that production speed and dependability matter!

As the world’s largest hydrodemolition firm, we have the largest fleet, the greatest number of cutting units, and the largest parts inventory, too. That investment provides our customers with the knowledge and security that we will get your project done – on your schedule.