Water Savings

Water Savings

With the experience, expertise and technical knowledge of its staff, Rampart is able to design and use equipment that operates at extremely high pressure.  Ultra-high pressure pumps require low water volume which creates significant water savings.  This translates directly into substantial cost savings for our customers.

With its ultra-high pressure, Rampart’s hydrodemolition and surface cleaning equipment uses about 50% less water than what is consumed by other hydrodemolition firms.

That’s 50% of the direct costs of buying (and possibly delivering) water and 50% of the costs associated with recovery and control and treatment and filtration.  And additionally, a portion of the indirect costs associated with the additional administrative tasks and coordination, plus a lot fewer headaches.

The other important thing to remember is 50% less water usage means a huge environmental savings.  We are conserving a valuable resource, and at the same time, putting less of a burden on water treatment facilities to treat the hydrodemolition wastewater.

Of course, there are other cost savings and benefits associated with hydrodemolition – both short-term and long-term.  Certainly, one of the best benefits is that hydrodemolition produces a highly-bondable surface, with none of the micro-fracturing that jackhammers cause.