Shielding and Protection

Shielding and Protection

Shielding and protection are important aspects of jobsite safety. The hydrodemolition robots have rubber shrouds around the cutting deck which generally do a good job of containing most debris; however, there is always the risk of flying debris leaving the equipment.  In addition, jackhammering, cleanup and other operations can produce flying debris.  Flying debris can easily break windows, dent or damage passing vehicles, or injure individuals.  As a result, it is a best practice to protect surrounding areas, especially live traffic and pedestrians, from flying debris during the demolition and construction process.    Proper shielding and protection is critical to jobsite safety and security.   Installing the proper shielding and protection prior to the start of the work will ensure that the job goes smoothly without interruption.

Over the past 30 years, Rampart Hydro Services has performed well in excess of 2,000 hydrodemolition projects.  During that time, we have seen various types of shielding and protection.  The type of shielding and protection required will  depend on the type of structure and surrounding environment.  There are many different methods of shielding and protecting your work area.

The plans and specifications often require that shielding and protection be installed by the general contractor prior to commencement of work. Most often it is installed to protect and surround the immediate work area.  However, equally important, is the installation of shielding and protection below the work area.   Concrete deterioration can lead to an unexpected blow-through during hydrodemolition which could result in serious injury or death to any individual under the work area.  The area below the work area must be closed to all individuals.  A blow-through can also lead to wastewater and debris falling to the area below the work area.  In all cases, consideration should be given to shielding and protecting the area below the work area.

Below are examples of shielding and protection that has been constructed to protect vehicles and people from flying debris. These examples are provided to help you plan your project.  Here are a few of the ones we feel work the best (click picture to view larger image):

Bridge Deck
Bridge Under Deck
Parking garage