Column Cutter

Column Cutter

Column Cutter

Among Rampart’s many customized equipment designs, our column cutter ranks as one of the most innovative.

In the past, concrete removal from columns and other substructures was tedious, labor-intensive work and usually involved the use of fifteen (15) pound chipping hammers.

Now our column cutter is available to rapidly remove concrete.

The column cutter is a computer-controlled cutting head mounted on a circular steel ring that is placed around the column. The ring fits columns between 30 and 48 inches in diameter, and the water jet/cutting head can travel 360 degrees; however, proximity switches can be placed on the ring to perform very precise patch removal of deteriorating or damaged concrete.

When the cutting head is mounted on the top of the ring, concrete can be removed up to the top of the column. Likewise, if it is mounted on the bottom, concrete can be removed to the floor or ground.

Depending upon the customer’s specifications, the cutter can be used for both shallow removal (scarification) and partial depth removal–to beneath the reinforcing rebar.

For the seismic retrofitting (earthquake-proofing) of columns that are in good structural shape, scarification roughens the surface so that additional concrete needed for widening will bond and be structurally sound.

Many bridges throughout the country have deficient or obsolete decks or substructures. See how the column cutter can reliably and safely speed the removal of concrete from pillars.