Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam

  • Specialized hydrodemolition robot was designed to scale the face of a 2453 ft long and 148 ft tall gravity dam.
  • Project was completed with  zero recordable safety incidents
  • Project was completed ahead of schedule
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Project Team
  • Owner:
    Ameren Missouri
  • General Contractor:
    MC Industrial Inc.

  • Engineer of Record:
    Rizzo Associates
  • Hydrodemolition Company:
    Rampart Hydro Services

The Bagnell Dam holds back more than 600 billion gallons of water allowing the owner, Ameren Missouri, to produce more than 624,000 megawatt-hours of energy. Additionally, the dam has created a billion-dollar tourism industry for the state of Missouri. There was deterioration and additional concerns surrounding the almost 90 year-old structure. Therefore, the dam owner decided to invest in reinforcement and fortification.

Rampart Hydro Services provided a unique solution to Ameron Missouri and MC Industrial by designing and manufacturing a hydrodemolition robot specifically for the Bagnell Dam project.

The height of the dam (148-ft-tall) required a specifically-designed hydrodemolition robot to perform the concrete removal. Rampart designed and manufactured this unique robot in-house using our experienced staff.

Rampart Hydro Services removed approximately 60,000 SF of concrete to a 3.0″ depth and approximately 30,000 SF of concrete to a 0.25″ depth. The concrete removals were located on the east, west and spillway sections of the dam, and they were accomplished using a specifically-designed hydrodemolition robot. Rampart also provided hand lance concrete removal and water treatment utilizing our customized Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS).

The challenge involved designing a specialized hydrodemolition robot that could scale the face of a 2,453-ft-long, 148-ft-tall gravity dam.

The Bagnell Dam stabilization was completed ahead of schedule, with zero recordable safety incidents. The project was awarded the 2019 ENR Midwest Winner for Best Project and Award of Merit, Safety (