Blaster & BlasterVac Trucks

Blaster & BlasterVac Trucks

Blaster & BlasterVac Trucks

Rampart’s Blaster and BlasterVac trucks are used for road, bridge, and runway surface cleaning projects and for high-speed scarification. As opposed to regular scarification, high-speed scarification removes less than one-quarter inch of concrete

Blaster Truck

Rampart’s Blaster is a surface cleaning unit that removes rubber and paint from airfield runways and paint from roadways, quickly and completely.  Rubber can be removed at rates exceeding  30,000 square feet per hour, and paint is stripped-away at about 5,000 square feet per hour. Like the BlasterVac, it is completely self-contained, and in case of emergency, can cease operation in thirty (30) seconds, and exit roads or runways at highway speeds.

The rotating 28 jet spray bar has a removal width of twelve (12) to  twenty-four (24) inches at operates at 36,000 psi.

A Blaster truck holds enough water to clean over 100,000 square feet at a time. The unit is environmentally safe.  It requires only potable water; no chemicals are needed or used. The water, which is heated to about 140° when forced through the tiny spray nozzles, is sufficient to do the job.

The rubber and paint debris is vacuumed from the runway surface and properly disposed of.

BlasterVac Truck

Rampart’s newest airfield rubber-removal equipment combines the functionality of both a Blaster truck and a vacuum truck into one vehicle.

The BlasterVac removes rubber from the runway while continuously vacuuming the debris and wastewater. Like a regular Blaster truck, the BlasterVac is self-contained, and have a removal and vacuum width of 24 inches, allowing it to perform it’s job quickly and completely