Coating Removal

Coating Removal

Bridge deck scarification, High-Speed scarification, Fast Track Bridge Overlays, and Fast Track Hydrodemolition are all names used to describe the use of hydrodemolition to remove the last ½” to 1” of concrete prior to an overlay or repair.

Since the rebar is not exposed during scarification, the scarification cleanup of the deck can be accomplished using our unique vacuum trucks. Rampart’s VAC+HPW vacuum trucks contain a powerful vacuum system, hydrostatic drive, high-pressure (10,000-psi) water blaster (HPW), 1200-gallon water tank, and hydraulic pump off system.

Our vacuum trucks are built to our specifications and this combination of features allows our VAC+HPW units to blast the surface with up to 10,000 psi water pressure while simultaneously vacuuming the surface. The use of vacuum and high-pressure waterblasting leaves the surface clean and free from wastewater and debris. The 10,000 psi waterjet blasts directly into the cleaning head providing sufficient power to remove cement paste and slurry from the surface.

The 1,200 gallon water tank allows our vacuum trucks to operate continuously for over two hours ensuring that the cleanup is quick and efficient.

The hydrodemolition debris consists of concrete chunks, wet sand and aggregate. The debris will contain residual cement and may solidify if not removed quickly from the surface.

During cleanup, where the reinforcing steel remains supported by the original concrete, the VAC+HPW units are driven over the sur­face to perform the cleanup. The high-pressure is blasted down onto the surface within the cleaning hood. Once the debris is “fluffed up”, the high velocity vacuum quickly sucks the material into the truck. Debris, slurry and water are all removed in one pass.

Rampart can provide a complete concrete removal package including hydrodemolition, water supply, debris collection, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment.